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Have been blacksmithing for many years on various anvils that I bought cheap or salvaged. I have some good ones and some not so good. I am interested in buying a new anvil but before I do I wanted to see if there is any advice I could get. I like the Nimba Centurion but have never used one. I also am interested in a Fontanini (Rat Hole Forge). If anyone has a moment - Thank you.

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Years ago I saw Hofi use one of his anvils and was very impressed with its features. But yes, I would have to probably win the lottery first since my current anvils pretty much do what I need to do.

Sure would be nice if one of the local blacksmith guilds would save their pennies and invite Hofi back for another yearly event. Yup, sure would. Yup.

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I've been using the 250# Rathole for about four years, and it is holding up well under the work. It has a 1 1/8" hardie hole. I'm considering turning it over and grinding/sanding the side-table thinner, so that I can use it more effectively for drawing out fork tines, etc.

http://www.turleyforge.com Granddaddy of Blacksmith Schools

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