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Ever seen a Vise like this? (pics)


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Literally minutes after I made a post about help finding a large post vise I came across this when i went to pick up some steel for Lisa..Its a brute, the jaws aint that wide (3 1/2") but its super heavy duty. Its setting on top of a 200 pound fisher..A mounting palte will be easy to make.. Not a leg vise but I couldent pass it up for $35..

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It is a decent vise and can even be made into a pseudo leg vise by putting an 1-1/16"(if I remember correctly) piece of CRRD into the bottom hole. Cole also manufactured the infamous Cole drill which is highly sought after. I used to have the vise but hard times forced the sale in years past. I still have the drill though. The neat thing about the vise is you can detach it from the ASO mount and use it as a very large pipe wrench by putting the CRRD in the end. I sometimes wish I hadn't sold it but truth be told I seldom used it. Good buy for $35 though !!!

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Its a "Cole" vise. I have one in my junkpile I found in the trash. Mine is cast iron/steel and has been welded & brazed back together several times at the pivot point at the bottom by previous owners. I wouldn't beat on it to much for fear of it cracking near the pivot.

Mine had been broken once before as well. Had to weld it back with nickel rod. Needless to say I have more in the weld job than the vice cost me. Don't over stress it and it should work fine for small jobs
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I don't have one but I wish I did . A friend of mine has one and he uses it allot. Weld positioning small stuff, grinding, filing when a static vice is an impediment. I'd never hammer on it with anything larger than a medium hand hammer, most of em' get cracked by some yahoo attacking frozen bearing or some sutch with a sledge.
Post vice apple, cole vice orange...............mb

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