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What is the main difference between a blacksmith and a whitesmith, and what requirements must you meet to become a whitesmith?
I've heard this topic discussed among friends and would like some additional input from the folks here.

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From what I understand a whitesmith a the finishing person.They did all the grinding,filing,finishing and sanding that removed all the scale and other signs of the fire so the piece was returned to bright metal.
Those who worked in white metals were either tinsmiths,silversmiths,cutlers or a host of other names.
When the blacksmith was done he handed the forging to the whitesmith to finish.Nowadays we might call them the grinding crew or the prep crew,as in prepare for paint crew.
Not sure if the buffers/polishers would be rolled into this type of work.They`re an old bunch and usually eat their lunch by themselves anyway. ;)

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