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Triple Twists

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Dear All,

I have an interesting pot rack to make. 5' by 2', suspended from a high ceiling above a central kitchen worktop area. I'm trying out some simple twists to make the the kind of chain links from the ceiling to the potrack and the customers eyes lit up whe I said a triple twist for one of the double eye links that will go from 4 of the suspended arms that go from an eye bolt from celing to pot rack - pure ruin when simple would probably have done - but simple I ain't.

I'm thinking about 12" links. I said (quite ridiculously) i would try a triple twist, from 1/4" round stock. I have made a sample item - simply cold hammerred a 1/4", 25" rod to a circle, welded it, to form a circle, put in the gas forge and squashed it together, and then took another heat and put a simple twist from on eye to the the other eye - nice but not really enough for my effort - too simple. looked OK, the heats could have ot a better even twist though.

I want to do a triple twist. i.e. put another rod in and twist it into place, probably mousetail ends for this rod. Problem is I only have 2 hands, a leg vise and a few pairs of tongs to do it.

I'm not much a metal twist weaving genius.

Has anybody any tips on how to handle this process?.

Many thanks,

Paddy Falvey CF

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Why not use a combination twist. That is 3 rods flat and twist them like flat bar, then move to a triangle and reverse twist for a while then transition back to the 3 rods in a flat configuration and reverse twist again. Just a thought..

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What I would do is take three sample pieces of the size that you want to twist together, stoutly wire tie them together in a pyramid at one end. Then take a piece of stout stock, flatten the end and then with the stock hot wrap it around the three pieces at the end to make a socket for the twister. Then make another twister to hold in the vise. You may need a dog bolt in one end to keep them even while twisting.

Caleb Ramsby

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Three pieces of rod approx 14" long, Forge weld ends together, draw down and form an open hook at each end,

Heat evenly, quench ends, one end in vice, bar through the exposed hook end and twist a known number of revolutions,

repeat for all others.

Make a jig for pitch of the length between hook ends and adjust all links to give same length to allow hanger to hang evenly.

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Thanks Guys,

I will go for quick, simple and easy - fireweld the ends and twist them up. I like the jigs though and will modify a bracket I have for that if I can find the lump of metal.

Trez many thnaks for the offer mate. I'd really like to come over to see your forge, my number is on my website - paddysforge.com. I'll be forging tomorrow and will have an item or two made up.

Will post photots.



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