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Can anyone help identify this strange anvil?

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I recently did an estate clean out and found this great old anvil. It is approx 150 pounds, but the odd thing is it has an extra arm or "horn" coming out of the side of it. I am trying to sell it, but couldn't find any information about an anvil with a side arm..... Anyone know anything about this?


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I am trying to sell it

Why not sell it on IForgeIron, the same people that helped you identify the anvil in the first place.

The members of IForgeIron ARE blacksmiths, will give it a good home and put it back to work. We have visitors from over 50 world wide countries so we need to know your (the anvils) location. This will allow us to better direct the information to those interested.
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It is worth what a person is willing to pay for it. I would say a fair price is between $2.25 and $3.50 a lb. Shipping is a killer on anvils. Many anvils get sold on eBay and it might sell better on there. It is decent shape thought not spectacular. I am sure someone here would want ti. If you go the eBay rout they will take a nice sized bight out of you with fees then Paypal will get a cut too. Good luck

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