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Tim McCoy

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First of all let me put in some disclaimers here for sharing a posting on You Tube from Jim Poor ... I wouldn't do this at home or anywhere else! And forgive me, but I think that this goes right up there with the topic I started about the Asian guy with the paper welding mask ... stay with it, wait for it and then let me know where the sledge goes :lol:

Tim McCoy
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When we used to cap oil wells we had to recover as much of the pipe as possible before welding a cap on the casing.The pipe had been concreted into the well so we had to find the free point and blast it.I had demolition experience in the Army so I was the one who packed the can with jelled nitro and sawdust.
I had a new(and not too bright)hand come over and watch.I told him not to touch the nitro(it`ll give you a wicked headache if you aren`t wearing gloves as it can be absorbed thru the skin) but he just couldn`t keep from handling it anyway.I finally took it from him and laid it back in the box.He asked"What would a stick of that do if you hit it with a hammer".I told him I had never taken the time to find out.
A couple of minutes later one of my buddies tapped me on the shoulder and said"You`ll want to see this" and pointed to the floor of the rig.I could see the newbie up there with a hammer in his hand.Before I could holler at him Chico told me "it`s OK,he`s just got a bit of nitro about the size of your fingernail he wants to hit,says they do it all the time down in Mexico".
He had it on the top of the jacks(about anvil high) and hit it with a four pound drilling hammer.The hammer rebounded with enough force to knock him out for a while.I saw him 3 weeks later and he looked like a cross between a raccoon and a unicorn.
There`s something about explosives that just draws stupid people like a moth to a flame. :rolleyes:

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