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Anvil Heigth

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I have an anvil and the shop is starting to come together but what is the right heigth for an anvil... I'm a tall kind of guy at 6'7" and my daughter stands at 5' 4"... i know once I have this set up she will living out in the garage. So I will have to bend my legs up and work off my knees. so what would be a good heigth for her?
Thanks for your help in advance,

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Hey Charlie,

For general use the top of the anvil should be just about at the knuckles of ones fist.

If you measure the height of you and your daughters fist from the ground when in a comfortable stance, those would be the heights to make the anvil. I am with Bob, a spacer(simply a stack of boards) or two stands to give the two heights is your best bet. If you make the anvil somewhere in the middle of the two heights then it will just make both of you miserable.

Caleb Ramsby

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I have 3 anvils. The highest is also the heaviest and the one which gets most use. It is too high for me but I have some timbers- about 5 x 5 and they live next to the big anvil and make a great surface for me to stand on. That is not as good a solution as the 2 stands but are you really going to swop the anvil from one stand to the other between users? It isn't feasible.

Alternative is get a second anvil.

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What is the weight of the anvil ? If it is a smallish anvil it would be easy enough to move from stand to stand.

If the anvil is bolted to the stump/stand even a fairly heavy anvil can be rocked one end at a time to place blocks below.

I however like the two anvil option. That would allow both of you to work together.

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