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I Forge Iron

My home made anvil

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Here is a picture of the anvil I made. The face was made from a wear pad off of a snow plow it measures about 5.50" x 9" x 2" thick. The horn was made from a pin off of a bucket loader its 3"dia x about 6" and the stand is made from a piece of 5" sq tube with about an 18" ductile iron fire hydrant riser bolted to it. It might weigh 100 lbs or so and is pretty easy to move when its in the way. I like it and it does what I need it to so far.



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Yeah, I can hear it now: "But I can't weld". Well, don't concentrate on what you can't do. If you really want to beat hot iron, figure it out! I've seen blacksmiths around the world who can (and often do) put together their whole kit from what they find. Seen them making fine tools using an old sledge or axle or any largish hunk of iron for an anvil and wood or coconut or ox turds for fuel.

Just do it!

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