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Damascus combat

Steve Sells

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The client sent me a few web links of Kuhkri and a survival knife. wanted "something like them" gave me dimensions and wanted SS hardware and black micarta. the rest was up to me.

I used Crucible L-6 and Aldo's 1084FG for the 330 layer blade, and 304 SS for the guard, and 303 SS pins and epoxy hold the black micarta handle. The blade's full tang has been hot peened at the pommel. A Kydex sheath is being made by a local gun smith.



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I ain't that fat yet, I still fit in my little shop :) and thank you, I still have a lot of hand polishing left to do.

added stats: oil quenched. Double tempered first at 300F then at 325F for 2 hours each. The blade is 1.5 x 6.75 inch, 3/16 thick at base tapering to 1/8 half inch from tip, flat ground till I got to 800 grit, then moved to slack belt. 3000 grit before etch in Ferric Chloride, then a final 2000 grit touch up on blade by hand, this is 12 inches overall. I don't normally use corby rivets but for this it seems appropriate.

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