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recent work, or shamless plug


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mrkiddi, i wouldnt go that far im sure you do terriffic work, i just take lousey photos so you cant see the flaws as well!!! ha ha

as for details, well it took long enough to gather pics, let alone add descript for all.

As for the carved handeled piece, it is a frame handeled construction. Frame and all hardware are wrought iron. the blade is wrought iron and W1 san mai. The scales are ebony, and were hand carved, with some rotory tool assistance, then textured by hand with a lil tool i made from some drill rod.

if you have questions or want specifics on a particular piece, just lemme know, id be happy to elaborate farther.

thanks again

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Great work.I especially like the hamon lines. I understand that to get a distinct hamon, it is better to use a straight carbon steel like say 1095 versus an alloy steel such as 5160 etc. Is that true?

yes, i believe this is true, low alloy steels give most activity

thanks bud
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