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Making an anvil out of fork lift forks

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Got a hold of two fork lift forks, apparently they were made from cutting one larger single fork into two, for a smaller lift. So now, I plan on using the faces of the upper back part as the anvil face, the rest for the body. My question is what is anyone's thought on welding these two parts back together so that there would be a 6"x14" face rather than 3"x14" Would the weld, if I use wire for high carbon, causes trouble later on? Could it survive being heat treated?


Also, I can cast non-ferrous metals, I wast thinking of filing the middle with copper or bronze for extra mass, and because I can. What do ya'll think, would it help deaden the ring?

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I think that you would do much better to arrange for a smaller face with more metal vertically below it.

However not knowing what you plan to do with it I can't say much about how it should look---I need to buy a vehicle can you tell me if I need a dump truck or a racecar?

May I commend this to your attention as a method of making a forklift tine anvil: http://www.marco-borromei.com/fork.html

and yes I am the Thomas mentioned in it.

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