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First Hammer.. Ever.


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whaddya mean doesn't look like much? It looks like a hammer!

Nice work.

Unless you're intentionally going for the caveman look ;) you might consider splitting or sawing the blank for your handle out of a larger piece of wood and then carving it to shape. It will last longer if it it is free of knots and splitting. A split handle can also pinch some flesh off your hand when you hit with it. Blood-blisters are no fun. (Not intended as criticism or a put down, there are plenty of ways to injure yourself, so let's avoid the ones we can.) My first hammer had a handle carved out of some firewood and I've still got it.


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What I was the most proud of, was that I hot punched the hole through it; with a slitter I made myself that morning!

Jimbob - I already like making my own punches/chisels/hardi's and tongs.. Hard to resist making hammers now!

Grant - You are probably right, I just like the feel 'cause I made it.. :)

Lewis - I just rough carved the handle from a limb of Osage, I probably aught to make a better one. Maybe straight grained Oak.

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Looks just like a hammer to me, I'd use it no question. Making your own tools puts you in better connection with them, the hammer I made is one of my favorites.

I bought a 1" x 4" x 8' hickory board at a local hardwood seller's and when I mentioned what I was going to use it for he showed me the boards Mark prefers for making his hammer handles. I was there because Mark told me where he got his hickory but it seems there are bragging rights associated with selling handle material to blacksmiths.

Anywho, I made a drift to make a rectangular eye and make long tapered slab handles with a little swelling at the end. Being slab sided makes them much easier to angle as I want for effect and having the long straight taper makes them a LOT less tiring to use. The enlarged round end is so it's really unlikely to slip out of my hand if I get tired, distracted, etc. Yes, I HAVE accidentally thrown a hammer on occasion :o but not one of the tapered slab handled ones. I stole Uri's hammer handle idea :unsure: and improved on it. . . Well, I think so anyway.;)

One of the truly wonderful things about being a blacksmith is being able to make tools as YOU wish and not have to settle for what's available.

Frosty the Lucky.

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