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Harp of the Tuatha de Dannan


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Here are a few photos of a sculpture I’ve just finished for Ballymote public library here in Co. Sligo. It is in intituled Harp of the Tuatha de Dannan and I took my inspiration for this commission from the stories of the great harp of the Tuatha de Dannan, and how it could quieten the fiercest worrier’s hart. I wanted not only to portray the harp, but also the music that plays such an important role in the mythology of the area. Also being only a few miles down the road from Ballymote I’m conscience of the areas strong agricultural background along with the huge part the Blacksmith has played in both agriculture and mythology in the area.

Too this effect I have used the construction methods of the flat bar gate in the designing of this sculpture. The flat bar gate is synonymous with Irish rural life, none more so than in the Northwest and it is one of Ireland’s great art forms. Every Blacksmith had their own style of gate and in remote areas were mostly the smith’s only form of artistic expression in amongst the daily demands of tool making and the forging of house hold items along with weapons. This way of construction affords for the combination of strength and lightness, making it ideal for this commission as wait is an issue. The harp’s frame will be made up of two pieces of flat bar steel, hot forge, drawn out and sculpted with holes both hot punch and hot cut and the two pieces riveted together. The strings will be forged from filler rods and along the bottom edge will be riveted to the frame using, forged steel wild rose flower washers and 925 Sterling silver rivets.




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forging fool thats beautiful! what a lovely piece - it evokes really just what youve described it should - i love it. I particulary like how youve made the actual harp and the stringing -its beautifully made and if your a forging fool, then im father christmas.... :)

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Very neat piece I really like it as a continuation of your personal style is seems a little different and brighter than your other pieces due to the finish being brighter and the background behind it.

what does it say on the harp? I will look it up today and see what I can find out.

I see that you a pawel guba are friends he was using your power hammer in your shop on youtube right?
both of you produce great work in your own styles.

I made a fruit basket somewhat inspired by the one you created over a year ago
however mine wasnt riveted or as nice but it was fun to make.


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Imprinted upon the musical waves is a an extract of a W. B. Yeats poem, Doarmuid & Grania. "I shall send messengers who will gather the harpers that his funeral song will be well sung. It may be that he will come with Aonghus out of the heart of some hill and stand invisible among us and know that he is not forgotten"

Bryce, Yes that is my power hammer Pawel is using, we where finishing off the sculpture IABA did for Cootehall. Nice basket good to see my work is having and impact with other smiths. Where are you based? If you are ever in Sligo you would be more than welcome in my forge. Did you see see Pawel's chess board he made for the National Craft Competition this year? It real is a master piece.

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Yes I saw the chess board its amazing, I really think its a great piece of art I dont know where he comes up with his idea's its pretty awesome to see people making things like that, even with power equipment to make that piece must have been a very serious amount of hours.

I saw the video of the making of it it must have taken along time with the fly press to make that happen he must have came and used your hammer or had strikers to draw out the bottom that supports each tile.

Eventually I will probley be taking you up on that offer, right now I am trying to see what I can make happen in the states and ontario eventually once I regroup and organize my life heading to the uk will absolutely be possible. I would probley have the time of my life seeing all of the interesting things over there most of my family orginated in england and scotland and came to canada, my last name is Masuk but I am 1/4 or less ukrainian it just happened that way, my mom's father was a Manley and my grandmother is a Bell Irving my other grandmother is also from england.

I would be interesting to see the family estates and such and view the land, as much of the uk seems to be very incredible both natural landscape wise and man made

I already told myself I was going to head to europe eventually but I really wanted to make sure I was ready and able to do whatever I would get the chance to, the better I am the more I would get to do and the more I would learn.

A W.B yeats poem is pretty fitting since he is from sligo, I havent read much of his work but I am intrigued now,

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