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reduction box oil


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hi all i just bought my self a power hacksaw it has a reduction box,what type of oil would be recomended when i change it.thanks in advance

You can usually find a copy of the manual for just about any machine on the web.I`d follow the recommendations in the manufacturer`s manual first.
If you can`t find the manual then I`d just use whatever you can get locally that`s made for that type of use.Asking at a local machine shop what they use for their machines and where they get it would be where I`d start.
Last resort,go online to a supplier and ask them and then order what they recommend and pay to have it shipped.

Asking blacksmiths is like asking fishermen.You`re liable to get answers that range from banana peels and buttermilk to those who swear by dogfish liver oil.
I don`t run any oil in mine and haven`t had any trouble for over 10 years now.Course it`s been sittin` out back rusting and unused for 15 years. :rolleyes:
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A new gear reducer box was just put on one of our machines here at the factory where I work. The roll mill manufacturer specified the following product from grainger.


If that link doesn't work it is Mobile synthetic gear oil SHC 634. That is, if your into those new fancy synthetic oils that are supposed to be better for certain applications. At $20.00 a quart, it ought to be the lubricant to save the world. I've seen so many different lubricants used in those applications I believe the most important thing is to have some in there at all times making sure it never goes dry. Good luck. Spears.

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if you look at from a machinist point of view my lathe/mill/drill press calls for 30 motor oil, so I run 10w30 store brand oil. oddly eough they sell it by the quart, and I only need 1/10th of that in my machine, so now I have plenty of extra...lol

So you are lubing with ten weight, the viscosity never changes without the temperature change. Buy a quart of straight 30 weight.
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