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simple gas forge


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Hi. I am new here, and I would like to make a simple gas (propane) forge like the one seen in this video:


It looks as though he is using 1 or 2 heat bricks. The problem is, how does one carve out a brick for that type of work and how to add oxygen and the fuel?

I am very new to this, so, be gentle! Thanks for any tips, links, tricks or treats, etc.

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Those are soft firebrick, they carve very easy as they are ...well.. soft. A dull butter knife will get the job done, but I recommend a hacksaw, an appropriate masonry bit, and a wood chisel that you can abuse a bit. The chisel can be resharpened afterwards with limited or no ill effect.

A 2 brick forge is easier to build than a 1 brick. You carve the matching cavities on the two bricks and fasten them together. The video shows wire being used. For a 1 brick you bore a hole and then an intersecting hole for the burner.

Either case the burner is a simple plumber's torch. In the video it is on a bracket and used a fuel kit to a grill bottle. These are sold for Coleman type stoves and are inexpensive. Using a disposable bottle is also a choice, but will cost more in the long run and will want to freeze up near the end of the bottle.

The oxygen is in the air, and is induced by the fuel. The plumber's torch is a ready to go kit.

You will be limited in your stock size to about 1/2 inch maximum with a long soak time. 1/4 inch is more reasonable. It will get to forging temperatures, and hotter...eventually.


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Good Morning All

Mark - this should get you started. http://zoellerforge.com/coffee.html and http://zoellerforge.com/miniforge.html This is about the size you looking for and there are other interesting gas forges and burner discussions on Larry's site. I think the one built out of a 6" weld cap is a hoot. -grant

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