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Anvil repair advice please

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I need your suggestions as to how to repair an old anvil if possible.;)
I've just managed to get an anvil (about 2 and 1/2 cwt) locally but it has a chip about half way along the face, and the edges are a little rounded :rolleyes: . The face is flat and it rings true.
To make the back edge sharp again, is it better to grind the side or weld first and then grind square, or just leave it as it is?
The chip isn't a problem as it's far enough back so as not to be a problem. I was given a radius and a cut off chisel for the hardy hole, so am using the latter to give 90º sharp bends or I use the leading (front) edge.
As it is, it's loads better than the piece of rail I altered to use as an anvil complete with a horn ground down from a tractor draw bar pin B)

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As mentioned the old books on smithing advise you to round off the edges of a new anvil, a sharp edge can leave marks and cold shuts in your work.

If you need a sharp edge I'd advise you to make a hardy tool with one, (in fact make it so you can rotate it and have access to other edges too, perhaps: sharp, 1/8"r, 1/4"r, 1/2"r....)

I'd certainly advise you to use it a year before making any possibly damaging changes to it!

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Cheers for this to both of you. You've opened my eyes a little wider. Good site there with loads of new info for a newbie.
I'll leave it as it is and keep using a bottom fuller in the hardy hole:D

Glad to help. There is a load of stuff on the web for free. If you see a book title, run it through Google books, if it is old enough then you can download a complete copy.

There is also the ABANA website and a number of other sources that prove helpful.

Don't forget tuesday night blueprints at 10pm eastern here in the chat section. Last night there were over 30 people in attendance.

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On my first anvil, I tried to square up the back edge by fill welding it to build it up and then ground it off square. I used 6011 rod. After a couple of months use, I noticed that the weld was starting to crack loose in a couple of spots. I cleaned it up with a sander and slighty radiused the edge and it's been fine ever since. :)

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Glad to hear you chose to use it as is for the moment... Anvil repair although possible is not something one should take lightly. Most times the risk of damaging the anvil far outweigh the value of the repair...

What Monster and everyone else said.
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