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    Green Woodworking, Whittling, Bending, shaping, hammering, heating
  1. It's funny. I've just put up my Alcosa F50 hand cranked forge for sale as I've never lit it as I use the gas one all the time. Mines got a round bed on it and a conical tuyre that sticks in about 4"
  2. I can not believe how simple an idea is for the adjustable bending fork. Sorry I'm nicking it : Seriously, thanks for sharing this excellent knowledge
  3. Have you a contact number for Ian Wallace please? Does it cover you for doing craft shows as well?
  4. Anyone know of any metal spinners near Peterborough in the UK? I'm fascinated by it. Seen umpteen videos on Youtube and would love to watch someone doing it in the flesh
  5. Has anyone near Peterborough, UK got a fly, bearing or hydraulic press sitting gathering dust they want to part with by any chance? :)
  6. Thats why I said SDS drill as it dosen't rotate (it's like a hand held jack hammer) . It was just a thought :)
  7. If I caused anybody any undue stress or grief pleased let me apologise. As a newbie to the site, I didn't know he had passed on. Thank you for the links Phil and explaining my error. His ideas are still inspiring others
  8. Just wonderd , has anyone used an SDS drill with a modified end in it in place of a trip hammer? Won't punch too hard but hundreds of hits per minute Just thought I'd ask before cutting up a drill bit/chisel end
  9. Sorry but the original pics are missing on my PC, Any chance of a repost of them as I like making them as well
  10. Can't decide which one is the best. All absolutely brill. If you want a home for one in Cambridgeshire, UK .... let me know. :lol: :lol:
  11. A genuine concern for several of us and an honest answer. Thank you :)
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