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Organic Gates


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Photos show some recent work I've finally got round to installing. Customer was one of the best, inquisitive appreciative, patient ..... and rich! He had two pairs of these gates made and looks like he will be having other stuff made around his place.

Main members of the gate are forged from 30mm and 25mm round, the frame is 40mm square. The posts were made from 20mm round and 30mm sqaure. All the round bar was given a light forged texture and the corners of all the square were broken. When led on the bench I was worried these sections may have been too chunky but when the gate was made they had the right degree of delicacy. It was one of those jobs were I seemed to be always making the tools used to make the tools that were needed to make the work

post-11205-043474200 1287569805_thumb.jp

post-11205-072916400 1287569811_thumb.jp

post-11205-048766200 1287569817_thumb.jp

post-11205-021840400 1287569822_thumb.jp

post-11205-079952400 1287569826_thumb.jp

post-11205-092483400 1287569831_thumb.jp

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wow young dylan - love them gates!! this is my fave of the work ive seen of yours i really love this love the looping tapers and the littel wraps - it looks great. the leaves are wicked - they look really 3d - like little ( and big actually!) bottoms! congrats on the ideal customer too :)

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