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I Forge Iron

Bronze door furntiure


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My gosh Myloh! That's more fine bronze forging.

My luck forging bronze has been hit and miss so I hope you don't mind if I pump you for everything you know. I want to try whatever you're doing!

Frosty the Lucky.

Frosty, fire away sir I'll do my best to answer :)
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That stuff looks really good! Are you producing your own bronze ? or are you buying bronze stock?
What are you using for you patina it looks good!

The bronze is ColdurA and I buy it in, the patination is Bronze Metal Antique.
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The priority for me and most.. are the results acheieved through the mistakes that occur when we enter the unknown.
"Can you make me something like this"....
"Of course"...
Life in a nutshell..
And it's short ... gotta love this precious thing :D

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I don't know about the "sir" thing Myloh :unsure: but . . .

I'll look up "ColdurA" and see what it is and mayb what's close and available for a scrounger to keep eyes open for.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread and hope all the things I think of to ask are covered by others, my list has already been shortened.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Myloh, You might take a look at this "bronze" and see how it compares to your "ColdurA"

Bentiron here is the composition for the bronze I use and like most it's not cheap.
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