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Montana State University

Double Y

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These are a couple pieces that were commissioned by a Branch President of Stockman Bank for the new Animal BioScience building at Montana State University - Bozeman.

They have sponsored the "Stockman Lounge" in the building where these pieces will hang.

The S is 3'x3' and the Bobcat logo is 2.5'x3.5' all built from 1/8 plate

The two piece construction is held apart 3/4 of an inch, by 3/16 pencil rod posts.

Both pieces were powder clear coated.

The pieces will have hiden fastners and will be held out an inch from the wall.

Like always these were hand cut - no CNC machine

Let me know what you think,


post-5371-033009300 1286997893_thumb.jpg

post-5371-096084700 1286997900_thumb.jpg

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The color comes from a series of chemicals called "Rainbow Torch" I get it at our local Pacific Steel. Kinda pricy and the steel has to be 100% clean and polished for the colors to work out.

I have used just heat to bring out the temper colors before, but it you do that and then have the piece clear powder coated, it over heats the metal and the colors all fade.

This has to be colored, completely dried and then run directly to the powder coaters. You don't want any rust to start before they can get the powder on.

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