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    Welding, blacksmithing, woodworking, reading...


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    Lincoln, Ne.
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    REALLLLy recently retired firefighter.
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    woodworking, metalworking
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    Just retired one month ago!
  1. strube1369

    New steak flipper.

    Coolest reshaped horseshoe I've ever seen!
  2. strube1369

    Chain Mailbox Post

    I think it's way cool! Just curious, what did you weld it with?
  3. Congratulations on your retirement, Did you retire from Lincoln?
    L.A. County Local 1014

  4. strube1369

    Montana State University

    Beautiful work!
  5. strube1369

    Some crosses

    Really pretty work!
  6. strube1369

    Gates & signs Finished

    Really impressive work!
  7. strube1369


    Lotta work but really nice result!
  8. strube1369

    Iron and Bronze

  9. strube1369

    My new portable rig

    Nice spears! Hey, I noticed that you do not type with a Brooklyn accent...
  10. strube1369

    'W'S Pattern damascus ring

    Absolutely gorgeous!
  11. strube1369

    hood ornament/statuette

    Ya might check these sites out: or Alot of good info.
  12. strube1369

    Vice grips/Mole wrenches

    How 'bout a picture? Thanks!
  13. strube1369

    Vice grips/Mole wrenches

    O.K., I may have been a little hasty with my offer. I notice you are in the U.K. and that makes me think it would be a little pricey... Once again: me and my big mouth. (Or typing fingers...)
  14. strube1369

    Vice grips/Mole wrenches

    To all who hate vise-grips: Send all yours to me. I will give those pesky things a good home...
  15. strube1369

    Attempt on a hammer; failure

    That's not a failure. You successfully learned that THAT didn't work... There's a learning curve to everything and it sometimes feels like I am always on the uphill side of that curve...