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hot forging lube?

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Mills Used to sell some good stuff, he is on here once in awhile, good man.

I seem to recall using Graphite, STP and a toilet bowl ring. boil it and use it.

look here


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For the punching I have done I like the recipe Hofi posted in the blueprints (not yet reposted)
1 pint hot water
2 tablespoon dish soap
table salt to saturate (about 1/4 cup)

Dip the tool in, dry in the dragon's breath, or cool the tool in the solution and it drys almost instantly. For hand punching holes up to 1/2 inch I have been happy with it.

I was extra pleased with this recipe for drifting my nail header using a piece of nail stock.

I have only punched a couple dozen or so holes, and have also tried ground dry charcoal (briquettes and lump), and a wax mixture with charcoal and scale. I did not have good results with the other recipes, but that may be experience (I have almost none)


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Graffite and steam cylinder oil mixed together, the thicker and stickier the oil the better. Mix it to a thick paste apply it with a swab or a paint brush. In Newcastle Aus we gave it the term of mootie, others have called it flumbago, or other such derivations. "Fill that impression in that die up with plenty of mootie son, we don't want this sucker to stick". Most oil companies will still supply a compounded steam cylinder oil.


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