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Sunday project...grave marker


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This was my Sunday project in lieu of attending church yesterday. An old and dear family friend passed away last year; her husband and son (who is my age and a close friend) asked me to make a grave marker that would hold two flower baskets. The main post is 1" square and the crosspiece is 5/8" square - the scrolls are either 3/16 or 1/4 flat stock. The big problem was handling the vertical post because we left it 9' long so the son can set it in a deep posthole at the gravesite and still have a full 6' of height above ground. There is also another twist about a foot below the one in the pic; all scrolls are hand forged. Their last name starts with a "V" so that was the motif for the center of the piece.

I started mid-morning and it took 8 hours of steady work from start to finish - drank a couple beers afterwards and slept like a stone last night... ;)

post-27-004691000 1284985377_thumb.jpg

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Exceptionally nice project that was obviously done with love.
I`m sure your friend is aware of the thought and care involved in the making of this and has put in a good word about giving you a pass for your absence at church.
Projects like this are proof that as long as someone remembers then a person may not be here in the flesh but their spirit stays with us always.
Thanks for posting this.

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thats lovely H - looks very beautiful on the photo as im sure it will by the grave. ive made a couple of little things for friends graves and i know they are very special jobs from the heart. you did a beautiful job - thanks for posting :)

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