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Craft fair success

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We did a craft fair at the Mellwood art center this past weekend. We did well and I sold my pot rack that I had made and a lot of other stuff. (Including 24 S-hooks! LOL)
Here are a few pictures of the event. I made two short shepherd's hooks as a custom piece. Also got a pending order on another custom pot rack. First thing Saturday morning I made a little tool rack that slides on my trailer. It helps keep everything better organized.

I've got to get my stock back up for the next event in a few weeks. I'm leaving Friday to go to JCC again. I'm taking forge welding and animal heads. Time to hit the steel yard! I think I may need to tell them to measure my S-hook stock in miles instead of feet! LOL


3/4 of a gallon of clinkers for two days of demos.

A neat photo my sister took of me forging a RR spike knife!

I played with an anvil photo for my new business card.

Time to start a fire!

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Looking good Dave! Your tong/tool rack is very similar to the ones I use but mine hang on the rim of a smallish 2'x2' steel table I made for the purpose. My table normally holds two racks but there's room for four. I found having a rack on the far side wasn't very handy and the shelf half way to the ground is more than enough. It's good at demos, not only keeps tools handy but helps keeple from crowding too close to the anvil while I'm working.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Congratulations on a good show.

We had the Trade Faire at Ft. Loudoun last weekend and it rained all Saturday morning. That really hurt the early business.
I made enough to justify the effort... but just barely.

Looks like you are doing a lot of things right. Keep up the good work.


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