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Sam Salvati

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Started on the formidable kuhkri. 1084, hammer finish. The geometry was forged down fine enough that all it needed was to have a slight bevel convexed on. tapers from 1/4" to 1/16th.





I made some kuhkri shaped knives before, but with this one tried to adhere to the traditional shape as much as possible.

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Gonna test them the traditional way?
They need to be able to either split a sentry`s head in two or decapitate them with one blow.
The results are pretty much the same.

I used to carry an as issued(minus the small accessory knives) one strapped to my ruck frame.Traded a K-bar for it.Man that thing could cut thru anything and sharpened fairly easily too.

Nice blade Sam,I look forward to seeing the finished product.I`m sure it will be as hard working and good looking as your previous efforts.

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Of all the Kuhkris I have seen, being all over-sized and fantasy looking, that is a darn good looking one. That is something I would take into the bush. I think that Kuhkri closely illustrates what a real one looks like. Good job mate! Well done indeed!

How thick did you forge the bevel before putting the edge bevel on? Is the blade forged high flat? Keep us posted with the finished product and tests!


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