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venting my new forge

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I am rebuilding the little forge in the pictures. Basically scrapping everything but the blower and rebuilding to roughly the same dimensions, except square and a little taller. If you look in the other picture of my shop, I want to put the forge in the area under then window, build a hood over it and run the vent/chimney pipe out the window. My question is, will the hood still draw well enough with two 90 degree bends in it (to get the vent outside)? Anyone else have a similar setup, what did you do?

post-700-061107800 1282941640_thumb.jpg

post-700-037179400 1282941653_thumb.jpg

post-700-027066600 1282941719_thumb.jpg

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Put your pipe on a 45 degree angle use 1 45 elbow out side.
you don't need a hood at all. I had a setup like that for years
it worked great if you will burn some newspaper in the mouth of the pipe
before you try to start you coal fire. I got this idea from Walt Hull.
He had it for a long time. super simple, cheap and it works good.
Make sure you have plenty of pipe out side to clear anything
within ten feet of the pipe.

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Phil, I agree. I've used a horizontal 3 foot run of 10" through the wall and a 90 degree outside with great success. Used some fire brick for a surround for the pipe to act as sort of a funnel. In total it acted as good as any fancier arrangement that I've had or seen. Simnplest is often bestest. :-)

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