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Just got kicked off the tracks...


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Well, today I decided to take my 3 year old and one of my older boys to the railroad tracks for a walk. We've done this several times since we've lived here, but this was the first time I took our youngest.

I wasn't scouting for spikes, metal or stuff that falls of trains - just out with the boys taking a walk (the 3 year old LOVES trains, and I knew he'd love throwing some rocks around and walking the rails). I bought some spikes from McMaster-Carr when I learned (on IFI, in fact) that picking up the ones on the ground was actually stealing. Today I was reminded of the other reality - walking the tracks is illegal too.

Long story short, we were walking along, I looked down the tracks and saw someone walking toward us about 1/4 a mile away. My heart kind of sunk when, as the person got closer, I saw the shiny badge. Police don't generally patrol railroad tracks on foot, so I kind of figured out what was about to happen. I was right. We were politely informed that we were trespassing, the law states that you can't be within 30' of either side of the tracks and that we needed to leave. According to the officer, there are a bunch of teenagers around here who also like to use the tracks too, but not for peaceful Sunday afternoon strolls... We apologized, thanked him and left the area.

Now I'm not completely ignorant of the fact that walking tracks is trespassing, but never thought it would be an issue around here; especially since I see people on those tracks all the time. Guess I figured it was a bit like going a smidgen over the speed limit - technically wrong, but generally not an issue. I imaging it probably wouldn't have been an issue if it weren't for the few that were causing trouble (isn't that typically how it works?).

So, no more walks on the tracks for us. The real bummer for me was that it was something I enjoying doing as a kid and have a lot of fond memories of. I was hoping my own kids would have those same memories to look back on. Walking tracks, for me at least, has always been as American as baseball and apple pie...

Times they are a changing... sad.gif

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The big change on RR property came on 9/11/2001. RR's carry so many differant things that would make a great terrorist target. Food, fuel, coal, solvents, liquid nitrogen, you name it. Sit at a RR crossing and watch the containers go by.

I too spent many a day, hunting and trapping along RR right-of-way. It was a great resource, now a great refuge.

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Me too, when a kid my brothers and I would walk the tracks to town and once even jump a car and rode for about 30 miles before it slowed enough to jump off! We thought we would NEVER see the sleepy little town of Goldthwaite, TX!!

Now it is a 'terrorist act' to be on the tracks.

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Hmm you are now the fourth person in Central OH that's had a run in that I know about. They may be a bit more cautions there as the RR tracks go within several blocks of the statehouse.

There are some great "rails to trails" out there where you can legally take your kids for some great hiking---or biking!

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