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I Forge Iron

new guy from michigan


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hi.. my name is chuck, I live in monroe michigan (20 minutes from the ohio border, 30 minutes from detroit) and I'm trying to break into the trade. just wanted to drop in and say hi. i'm an expirenced welder and ironworker and love working with steel. im in the process of making my first forge out of an old grill and need a bit of help with the design, type of fuel i want to use, and general info. i can't find an anvil, well 100 pounder plus for a decent enough price that won't break the bank, but i suppose if i want to do the trade i need to spend the money and get a good one, but wow they aren't cheap!

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gday mate.
needs are as needs need be.
i started out with a piece of railway iron, some hardwood stumps and a hollow log propped up, with a natural draught.....
improvisation is the key to this old and noble trade.
find the largest lump of steel you can to forge upon, get some second hand hammers, vise grips, scrap steel, and start thumping.
use a plow disk, weld a few legs on and a t peice underneath, run a vacuum cleaner backwards and chuck some charcoal on. youd be surprised how hot you can get this setup running.
tinker and tap....thump and most of all... enjoy!
the good gear will find you in the most unlikely of places. and i hope it likes you!
ps if you dont want to go so primitive, put some money into it.......
hooroo cobber.

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Here's one on Craig's list in Hastings: Hastings anvil
A whole smithy building and all in Davison for $500: smithy

When searching Craig's list I have much better results searching for "blacksmith" rather than "anvil". Lots of stuff on Craig's list as the economy is ragged now. Even on e-bay anvil prices are more reasonable than they had been. Put the famous Thomas Powers anvil acquisition technique into operation! Sellers are often motivated so make offers where you see prices that are on the high side.

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Welcome to the forums. I'm new here also. I live in Wyandotte, not far North of you. I have made a charcoal forge from a brake drum, got an electric blower from grainger for $65, works great!

If you wanna come play some time let me know. It's set up at my dad's on Grosse Ile, only 5 minutes from my house.

I'll be there tomorrow if you'd like to stop by, call me (734) 934-2030.

We'll have you going home with a nice hook for the wife/girlfriend or mom or whoever. I have one next to my computer to hold my headphones.


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Thanks Jeff! I might take you up on that offer, I might be able to get away next weekend. My schedule is all over the place. I will definetly get in touch with you. Maybe between our two brains we can figure out my idea for my forge..or I can get some good ones from you as well. I'll pm my number to ya..

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Next weekend is a nogo for forging, I will be at my monthly "survival" training. Otherwise we would both be going to the Toledo hammer-in! LOL Are you planning on going to SOFA? I plan on going for the weekend and camping.

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