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Nazel 3B Hitting Hot Steel

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Yesterday, I finally hit a little hot steel with the 3B I've been working on. I had problems with the drifts (die keys) coming loose, so I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. I did however, put together a little video that is now on YouTube. For any interested, you can find it at


I have worked on the drifts a bit and hope to be putting up more video later.
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Ric.... The die was loose. When the ram is up, it's way up in the guides. I think the sound was the die hopping in the dovetail, but with a hollow sound because it was up in the chamber. I didn't realize the die was loose at first. When I did notice it, I shut the hammer down.

I have since worked on the drift. I used the hammer this morning a little and the drift held for me. No extra noises today. I did hear a tapping before also. It was the popit valve.

The next problem came to the surface today. The breaker in my main panel (supporting the 15 HP converter) tripped this morning. I had a 50 amp breaker on it. I replaced it with a 60 amp breaker and made some current measurments with a clamp amp_meter. The hammer ran without tripping the breaker (I didn't run it long). I need to beef up my electrical support a bit. The circuit was drawing (at the main panel) over 70 amps. My idler motor is drawing a lot more amps than I had anticipated.

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