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The other day my father called to let me know there was a package in the mail for me, which I found very strange because never has a letter for me been sent to my fathers house. He told me I'd have to wait untill the next time I saw him to find out what it was. A few days went by, until sunday, which I had planned to spend with my dad at a blacksmithing demo. So he picked me up at 8am, and the first thing he did was give me the package to open.

When I opened it up, there was a letter inside adressed to me, from Glenn ( I wasn't sure if using your last name was okay), saying that he'd read my post about receiving an anvil for my graduation, and that he'd like to give me a t-shirt from one blacksmith to another. It was a black shirt with and anvil on the front with IForgeIron.com, and eat, sleep, and forge on the back with matching pictures. Also, there was a IForgeIron sticker inside. I was so overjoyed that he would take the time and effort to send me a letter and graduation gift, and I wore it the whole day!

Well, I really just wanted to say, thank you very much Glenn, I really love the shirt, and appriciate it.

=) This has to be the best graduation anyone has ever had. I also plan to put up pictures as soon as they are sent to me.

(I also would have sent you a message, but I couldn't find your profile, I'm not very website litterate.)

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Okay, it's taken me forever, but with my fathers help, I've figured out how to post pictures up. But I still cant figure out how to put them on a post, so they are in my profile gallary. Sorry for taking so long.

When you make the post, below the text box click on click to attach files, then browse the hard drive, highlight the image file, click OK and repeat as needed for more images. Click on add reply to save both the images and the text.

post-1-000890800 1282339042_thumb.jpg

post-1-064485500 1282339047_thumb.jpg

post-1-076081200 1282339051_thumb.jpg

post-1-011668000 1282339057_thumb.jpg

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