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I Forge Iron

Scroll jigs and such

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Nice, very nice !
This is the stuff i like: simple, easy, and very functionnal !
P.S. : Your dirty floor looks like mine just after I finished sweeping it .

Great info, thanks !

Thats one sweet vice. Is there a name on it ?

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It comes in a kit, $250.00 plus SH info at www.dillonforge.com :lol:

The vise is only a 6" it just looks bigger because it has the pipe dies under the jaws. Don't need to worry about beating on it I already broke it at the weakest point, the swivel dogs, I replaced them with a solid disc of 3/8" plate.

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Also for you out there that think my floor is never dirty, shame on you!

It`s not really dirty till it crunches under foot and imbeds in the soles of your shoes so you get chewed out by Mom cause her floor gets scratched.
Then you don`t get to wear your shoes in the house no more and your boots get rained on all the time,your socks wear faster and you slip down the cellar steps more so your butt stays bruised a lot.
It just never ends.man!!! :(

The silver lining is that Mom`s cat doesn`t get to xxxx in your boots anymore cause she can`t get to them thru the screen door.
Now the squirrels take over for the cat though.That drives her right up the screen and you have to replace THAT!
Like I said,it never ends.
Keep that broom handy!!!
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