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Is this a sow block?

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To all the power hammer experts on the site.

I was just browsing ebay and noticed this:


Is this a sow block for a power hammer? If so, hopefully someone can use it for what it is intended for.

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I'm not hammer expert, but

Not sure about a sow block as those usually have two dovetails..for the anvil and the die...but it may be a die in and of itself.
The face of the round is pretty chewed up which may mean it is "soft" and it would need a double dovetail to key it into a standard anvil under a hammer.

Most likely its a bottom die for a specialized hammer...never seen anything quite like it.


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Not Unless someone has chopped about 12" off the length of the 'diameter' portion sam. On the Alldays & Pilkington hammers it extends right down into the hammer frame, and is secured with a large taper key in a slot through the sow block and hammer frame.

Its more likely just an oddball die block, to my eyes anyhoo.

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I have a chunk that looks similiar to that, but the size is approx. 10 inch square by 4 inch high, and no dovetail. I use it for my floor anvil. Finally found out it is a bottom die for an ore crushing mill.

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