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I Forge Iron

Bar Foot Rail

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Finished this over the weekend and got it installed. The rail itself is 14 feet long and is forged from 1 1/2" hot rolled round stock. The standoffs are each forged from 14" of 1" hot rolled square stock. slit and drifted to fit the rail.
post-278-068382000 1275509232_thumb.jpgpost-278-088836000 1275509552_thumb.jpgpost-278-018667400 1275509345_thumb.jpgpost-278-081263200 1275509315_thumb.jpg post-278-084847600 1275509650_thumb.jpg post-278-023542000 1275509431_thumb.jpg

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Lately we have had some really special work displayed in the gallery and this is another example of the quality people can produce. Simple, well designed and constructed always shows in the quality. You should be very proud of your work.


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That's REALLY nice John, I LIKE it! I especially like the hanger brackets, no wonder you're getting interest in more work. Not only did the customer get an example of fine craftsmanship s/he gets the bragging rights on owning hand made work.

Well done!

Frosty the Lucky.

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