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I Forge Iron

Is this a good one?

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Is it just me or does that one look like it has a thicker tool face than Vulcan's usually do? It almost looks like they forge welded two tool plates on it. If you look real close, you can see a faint third line right down the middle of the plate. I snipped and blew up a portion of the picture to show what I'm talking about (see attached image).

At any rate, it looks like it's in really good shape and a good one to start out on.

post-11274-096395300 1275158530_thumb.jp

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It's a fine little anvil, Vulcan's may not be the best but they're good servicable tools. Do keep your eyes open for a heavier one though, 100lbs is a great size for portability and demos but it's hard to beat :rolleyes: a shop anvil over 200lbs.

Good anvil, fine price, all round good score.

Frosty the Lucky.

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