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I Forge Iron



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At what color do you start working the bronze and how cold can you work it before you start having problems with it? I have not done much with silicon hot forging, only copper.

I work it at a dull red, viewing it in a metal bucket away from ambient light.
I stop forging when it starts to becomes springy or resistant to the blows.
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i really like this myloh! i love how the bottom section of foliage fits snug into the cup shape it looks great and the proportions are lovely, i think its my fave so far of yours that youve shown - its beautiful. not too heavy not too light :)

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Beautiful work Michael, the gesture is very poetic almost figurative. Did you draw the piece before or forge through it intuitively?

Thanks all! your kind.
Michael it was forged intuitively, having said that I have made similar in the past.
94something bronze i have never forged, whats that like?
Bentiron i think this is a native plant from south america or possible asia, it does grow here but its not native
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