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Champion 400 Blower


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I just purchased a Champion 400 Blower. It had had the oil drained from the gear case. I filled it with 75w-90w gear lube and it seemed to work just fine. I checked the internals and the gears appeared brand new. There wasn't any play in either the gears or the output shaft the impeller is mounted on. I tried it and it seemed pretty quiet. I came back about 2 hours later and most of the gear oil had drained out. Does anyone have any recommendations on sealing the case or the shafts? There do not appear to be any cracks in the case other than the seam in the top cover. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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When I cleaned and put new ball bearings in my 400, after installing the bearing retainer cone and nut, I cut a piece of inner tube to fit snug over the shaft, packed the bearings with grease, and it seems to not leak oil as quickly. The design is basically a "constant loss" one, and not meant to hold the oil in.
It seems the bearings I used are a bit too small (rattles a bit), so I'll be taking it apart to put the right size in, and will post pics.

To clarify a bit, the rubber "gasket" I made fits inside the screw in metal cover with hole for the fan shaft.

Also, gear oil is a tad heavy for these. Most here use a mix of ATF, and light oil.

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ya i use 10-30 and only a squirt a day it never did seal ... wasnt meant to .this is a dezign from around 1900 at that time it was state of the art and its still a good dezign after all its still working after 100 years.. can you Imagine many modern tools lasting that long??

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.250 dia is correct, and those can be found in abundance at your local supermarket. The castors on the front of shopping carts have (I think) 32 in each swivel section. Stores usually have wrecked carts sitting around back. Ask permission before robbing a wheel.

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I put 1/4" bearings in mine. It still has a good bit of rattle. I used JB weld on the cones (they were grooved). Not sure if that has held up or not. The cups have wear to but I left them alone.

A friend said I may need to wear in the Gear to the worm. I bought some lapping compounds and used it. This helped some. Probably did not lap long enough. I figure I will just let it wear in itself. I also found that one of the fan blades was just a tad bit loose. Just a very little. This was making about half of the rattle noise. I solderd it tight.

You can buy bearings from Grainger and probably a bunch of other places.

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