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Buy coal/coke in Tennessee

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I'm new to blacksmithing so I'm finding it hard to find coal/coke here in Tennessee where I live. I don't care to drive a few hours either way to get it. If anyone is a member of a smithing club here in the south, please let me know where I might find a hook up. When growing up here there was lots of mines. It's hard to even find a working mine any more.

Thanks for reading my post.

Any help would be appreciated.


P.S. I hope this is posted in the right place.

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Gobble Coal & Trucking Co.
504 Holtsford St.
Lawerenceburg, Tn

This is chunk coal usually sold for heating. You will have to break it up some.
They will sell in small lots. You just need to call ahead to make sure someone is at the yard and bring your own containers (barrels, buckets, or sacks).
Yellowpages.com has a good map to it.

I've never been here, but it is one place to try. Hope it helps.

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Have you tried any of these places: http://maps.google.com/maps?near=Chattanooga,+TN&geocode=CU_7a16QFlklFf7AFgIdEEfq-imF54OKQGBgiDGqKIeJHyZxJA&q=coal&f=l&gl=us&sll=35.04563,-85.30968&sspn=0.466583,0.877533&ie=UTF8&z=9 ?

Zoom in a little more and I think you'll find a few others as well.

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I just made a trip last Thursday and brought home 16, 5gal. buckets full of very chuncky coal for about $120.00.
Bad news Mr. Gobble, now 82 is no longer in business. Just by chance I got him at his shop after several phone calls. I made a half set arrangment to meet him there explaining I would be driving over 3 hours to get there. Problem was he is only there on Tuesdays and Thursdays and only long enough to do what needs to be done the gone on to other things. But as the good Lord must have been looking out for me I got there around 11:30 still at his shop and we started filling my buckets.

Now he told me at 82 he was ready to give it up and as all his children are of retiement age too he had no one to take over the business. He was not quite sure just what he will do right now may rent the place or something like that but would always keep coal around as that is how he heats the building. He also told me he got the coal from somewhere in Alabama but did not mention where.

He did give me his cell phone number to call if or when I need more coal I could call and see if I could get more. He did or does sell by the ton or half ton if his loader is running which on my day it was not.The only hope I can give you is if I decide to try and get more coal from him I can get in touch with you and see what arangements we can work out. I am relunctint to give out his cell number with out permission as mose folks froun on that. Maybe if you call his shop on tuesday or thursday mornings early maybe you can work out something with him as well.

His full address is: 504 Holtsford St., Lawrenceburg, TN. 38464 phone (931)762-5123 I got directions from MapQuest went right to him from that. Only problem is by the bucket I feel is not as good a deal as by the ton or half ton, as the big chuncks do take up a lot of room. Good luck if you give it a try I may go back to mail order for my next batch or try Kentucky next.

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Thank each of you. I have racked my brain and spend a lot of time looking. I live 8 miles from one of the biggest open pit mines in the state and it's shut down now. Not more than 30 miles from several underground mines as well and they are all shut down as well. I will have to give Mr. Gobble a call and see if I can get a ton or two.

Again Thanks to all.

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I'm not a good judge on how much is a ton but when I was there a ton or two maybe about all that he has. It was just kind of piled up at the end of the end of the building outside of course. I do hope he has enough for you may intice him to get more if he can then I'll take a trailer insted of buckets.

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I'm in the process of moving to the volunteer state full time, so I'm there about half of the year.

I guess I am a lucky fellow after reading this. Where I just bought property in Tennessee, the stuff is available for grabs along the side of the road. Infact, not even 1/2 a mile it's so thick it's falling from the side of the road onto the road in small bits. There's a huge 100 lb (my guess) rock of coal an arms distance from the road even (coke is a refined crude oil byproduct) but this stuff in my books would be considered coke due to it's dynsity, though a geologist would disagree, and it is infact coal no doubt by definition.

I know this because I was a Chemical Inspector and worked in refineries throughout Houston, and before I got into smithing a Houston Blacksmith educated me on coal vs coke. I would say they are close enough to be twins. The difference is coal has a shine, and coke is more dull.

Back to what I was saying, if you're inclinde and on the middle eastern side, shoot me a line and I'll gladly direct you to the location. And some may question the laws of taking "wild" coal, however I have talked to the Game Warden and he told me as long as I'm not taking it to sell, or moving out of state lines to make a profit, it's all in good terms. So if you're using it to heat your forge you're being legit. To put it in Layman's terms, don't take if you're wanting to start a coal mining company.
This was within reasoning that I wasn't going to take dump trucks to the location either, but mind you this stuff is even in the river beds near my house. It's essentially EVERYWHERE.

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You can participate in a crap shoot and buy a ton off eBay for about $1600, including shipping (in 25 pound increments). Or you can GOOGLE for blacksmith coal and find other sources that will ship to you.

Personally, I would rather take some of my time and go get some I know is good blacksmith coal AND pay a whole lot less. The last trip I made (about 18 months ago), for a few hours of my time, I brought home 1.5 tons of some of the best known blacksmith coal for under $200.

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Hi Scott,

I have had to give up on coal and have gone the charcoaling route. Since I live in the woods I have a ready supply of hardwood and it gives me something to do with all of the downed branches.

As far as the local clubs go you are in a good area. Here is a link to a bunch of them:


I have found the Warren county group close to you to be a very friendly crowd and the contact there is Jason Bivens. His number is on the website. If you are willing to go further afield then going to meet Jack Wheeler at the Choo Choo Forge will really be a treat for you. His contact info is on the website as well. There are also some really good classes at the Appalachian Center ofr Craft in Smithville. Their website is:


Hope this helps.


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Just a thought if I may.If coal/coke is a problem in your area why not look at gas? Yeh coal is old school. I have both. Ya can't burn iron in a gasser. Ya can install a idler t5o cut the costs. How long do it take to get a coal fire ready? How long can ya leave a piece in a coal forge compaired to a gasser? My gasser also heats my smithy along
with the Kero heater that keeps the shop and tools above 40 degrees. Another note It seems the temp in the smithy
is relative to your age. If your 21 ya may be ok at 21 degrees when ya reach 65 I want 65+ degrees in the shop. Befor the hate mail arrives I plan to fire up the coal forge asap. NO I do not forge weld with the gasser or my OX/ACT torch. That is best left to coal forges. Enjoy the lifestyle and addiction.

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