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    I'm simply interested.... I love to learn all sorts of crafting, crocheting, sewing, woodworking, metals, carpentry and even fiberglassing armor props. I"m more then willing to take any type of advice or criticisms.

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  1. What branch are you in? You may be able to scrounge alot from the motorpool. Brake drum, pipes, fan motors and batteries for power. You can even use an axel tube from a hum-v for an anvil if nothing better can be found. They are fixing and replacing items all the time. You may be able to make a reasonable bellows out of sticks and string and old cloth. This is tough, for me, without a bit more information. If you give us a mental picture of the surroundings, we could offer more insight.
  2. Planned on punching my rebar tongs... Since I'm using junk materials, why not use junk materials to make junk tools? It's all for practice right now. :)
  3. I made this from the still limited material I have on hand. I'm hoping it'll work for a punch along with another piece. This is my fisrt item made and it's still not filed. Also with this piece I learned how to twist the metal.
  4. Gobble Coal & Trucking Co. 504 Holtsford St. Lawerenceburg, Tn 931-762-5123 This is chunk coal usually sold for heating. You will have to break it up some. They will sell in small lots. You just need to call ahead to make sure someone is at the yard and bring your own containers (barrels, buckets, or sacks). Yellowpages.com has a good map to it. I've never been here, but it is one place to try. Hope it helps.
  5. Looks much better then my first spike knife! Keep forging on ;)
  6. Welcome! Being a new guy myself, let me just say, if you tell what your limitations are, most of the people here are more then willing to give advice and help you "think outside the box". WE LOVE PICTURES.
  7. It looks like Betty will make a great partner for many years, working right beside you in the fields.
  8. If you don't mean briquettes, what is the other type of charcoal, the original? I'm a bit confused on this subject as I've never heard of anything but briquette charcoal. I have searched for the answers for this, but they don't seem to be very forthcoming.
  9. This looks very interesting! I would love to see more pictures if you could get some as you go along.
  10. Here it is, 1 week and $20 later. I only had a sledge and channel locks. I can already see alot of room for improvements.
  11. Well hello there! I too am a new member of this fine site, from Tennessee. Just thought it would be a great place to throw my first post. I look forward to seeing more of the beautiful works you all are posting pictures of and possibly attempting some myself.