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I was headed up I94 just south of Eau Claire Wi in my pickup when a rig hauling a load of Kia cars pulled up even with me, I looked over to see a guy waving a hammer and grinning, and then waving the hammer some more, My initial reaction was oh carp theres the madman in a semi waving a hammer at me, or this is some kind of "lets put the hammer down" sort of trucker signal,..... so I took off, moments later I remebered the Iforge sticker in my back window and if I remeber right he was waving a rounding hammer, and figured it was a fellow enthusiast group member here, so if that be the case, this is my attempt to to say sorry for for my reaction, and also Hi, its great to make contact with fellow smiths, give me a holler here so I at least get a chance to return the Hello,
Jared Riesenweber Woodsmith

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The IForgeIron shirts are each specifically designed to promote blacksmithing. Many times they start a conversation by presenting the wearer as the blacksmith. The stickers do much the same thing.

A raised hammer is as good a blacksmithing sign as any. Great story.

IFI bragging rights is a thread showing where many of the IForgeIron shirts have been spotted. You are welcome to add your finds to the list.

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hmmm, could it have been Mr. Lumpkins?? Wagonmaster??? That would be a kick in the pants!! Goooo Tom!!

That's exactly what I thought reading the post Mike. I'd be thrilled to meet any of you guys under such circumstances. Under any circumstances actually but getting flagged down by a hammer swinging commercial driver would be a special treat.

Frosty the Lucky.
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