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This is a Veterinary Codis for a Vet client that I have built a sign for and I attached pictures of last fall.

The snake is made from hoof rasps, that was more work than I thought it would be. I annealed the rasps, but apparently should have done it several times. Dang near wore my shoulder out curving the rasps.

The walking stick is drawn from 18 inches of 1x1 to a 36 inches.

I cheated on the V and cut that from some 1/4x3 that I had lying around.

When I install this, it will hang on the outside wall of the clinic and have Bridger Veterinary Clinc appove it cut from 10 gauge and then will have two signs below with the names of each Veterinary.

Nice to have a true reason to use the forge, anvil and trip hammer for a change!

Thanks for looking,



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I make a pretty good number of rasptle snakes and I don't have any problem curving them. Here's how I do it: find a piece of pipe that will fit over the snake (usually means sliding the pipe from the tail end of the snake. Open your post vise 3-6". Then heat the snake to a nice high red, slide the pipe over it and grabbing the head with a pair of tongs place it in the post vise with the outer jaw where you want the bend---sliding the pipe down to leave the bending zone uncovered . Using your cheater pipe make the bend, then invert the snake move it and sliding the pipe more do the same for the next bend. Repeat as necessary.

For long snakes or when I've fumbled it you may need to reheat the snake---easy as the part that needs heating is still straight!

Make sure you don't grab the cheater where it's gotten hot!

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