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My New Anvil

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After alot of over time in the month of march I decided to splurge a little .... well a lot and buy a new anvil. post-4006-12721135979817_thumb.jpg

The final two was this a Fontanini #460 and the Nimba gladiator. The deciding factor for the Fontanini was the cathedral windows on the base. it just has a lot of character. post-4006-12721139570364_thumb.jpg

It also has a upsetting block on the other side. post-4006-12721140637862_thumb.jpg

It is poured with H11 by a foundry in Arizona then he finishes them in his shop. Steve is really good people he is a blacksmith owns his own shop does alot of railings gates and such. his album was impressive, of course working as a blacksmith for the last 15 -20 years you tend to get really good at it. ;)

I don't remember who said but I read on here some where that more mase under the hammer the more the metal moves. Oh yes! it's night and day the difference.

Needless to say the next project will be to make a base. Anyway Happy Forging, Chad

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Nice anvil. What was the deciding factor in your decision? I chose the Nimba for myself. Either way both are very nice. And your right the mass makes a lot of difference! :D

EDIT......Forget that question, I just re-read your post. Enjoy your new anvil! :)

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Hey Chad, how's that fontanini holding up? Did you radius any edges yet? I'm thinking of buying the same anvil.

A little, I'm not real sure how much of a radii i want to do, i made a stand and painted the bottom with primer for protection then decided to paint the sides. i took a picture......... I'll have to see if i can find it.
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I am ordering the 460 pounder. As soon as my tax money comes in. I am looking forward to a larger anvil and more mass.

I found a picture and finally got it to upload to the gallery, but i haven't figured out how to post here from the gallery. I'm headed down to the barn anyway i will take pics while I'm down there. Chad
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