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Anyang 88 two piece question

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I have an old Anyang hammer I am getting running. Do any of you have a working two piece 88? I need to know the distance between the dies at max open. There is little to no info on the two piece hammers. This hammer I have is an old one brought back from a friend who found it sitting in a factory in China. The sow block is missing. It is one of the first models. Thanks

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The only thing you should need to know is where the bottom of the upper die is when the ram is fully extended (lowest position). The top of your lower die should be an inch higher than that.... Make your sow block and dies and position your anvil and hammer frame accordingly.

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banjoe... email me a picture of the cleaned label and I will send it to Anyang. They might be able to provide some information.

Do you know if the machine works? It's kind of a pain to set up the anvil and hammer being a two piece, but you can build up a set of railroad ties at the anvil height and at least test the hammer before you go through install the hammer. There is a good chance that you can just set the hammer up and it will run. Before you do any attempt to run the hammer, I would pull the tops off and put oil in both the compressor side and the hammer side. I would also grease the fittings and clean out the oil tank and blow out the oil lines and put in fresh oil. The hammer operation is very simple so again, there is a good chance that this is a hammer with lot's of life left in it.


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