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The dead horse, help me identify my anvil

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I'm sure you fellows get real tired of the same old subject, but I figured I'd beat the dead horse again.

Can anyone shed some light on to what kind of anvil this is ?

Forgive the boot print on top of it. If you lay something down at the fire station, some wise guy is going to have to perch on top of it like a chicken.

On the side...

On the front near the bottom base...

I'd appreciate any insight on the matter.

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I'd just add that it's weight stamped in pounds and not CWT.

A pick of the underside of the bottom would help a lot.

It looks to be a wrought iron anvil with a welded on faceplate. Plate looks a tad thin please don't make it any thinner by aggressively "cleaning it up" a simple wire brushing should do fine; or even just work hot steel on it and let that clean it up.

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I'l add a vote for Hay Budden given the shape of the underside. Also looks like it sat in the dirt for 50 years or so, or the depression was forged with a ball pein. Thomas- at first I also thought it looked like it had a face plate, but one of the photos looks like it has a forgeweld at the waist as well which points me back to an all steel top.. Assuming my reading of the serial # is 17xxxx Anvils In America would date it to around 1910, the same source indicates that HB went to their famous solid steel top half around 1909, but perhaps I'm misreading the serial number. Good anvil none the less.

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Earlier HB's often didn't have very large rims around the base depression making them easy to wear flat. (I have one that's nearly worn flat---bought it at a plumbing/HVAC co auction---they moved to their "new" building in the 1930's....) That one looks faily broad to me so it might be a later one---however the stamping looks quite crude which would push for an earlier date. My anvil also has a much thicker face on it than that one shows.


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