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New guy from Texas here. Let the beatings begin

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I figured I'd poke my head in here and shake a few hands.

About me:

I like long walks on the beach, sunsets, etc...

No seriously, I'm closing in on middle age, a batchelor, a full time fireman, and a new blacksmith. I've been a semi serious welder for many years and figured to branch out a bit. I run a powdercoating shop out behind my house. If all continues to go well, I will never make a dime off of the powdercoating but me and my friends will have a lot of nice shiny stuff. I prefer to trade for my work to keep it from becoming too serious and keep it from being a real business.

I recently took my first blacksmith class locally here, found an old anvil to use, and am building a coal forge.

I read a lot more than I talk so don't expect me to ever be labeled a post whore. I do frequent a lot of other board, mainly centering around old trucks and auto restoration. There is a link in my signature to my blog where I show my projects.

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Kevin, you have found THE best site for anything related to metal. Do a search for North Texas blacksmith Association. You will find a bunch of good smiths willing to share their knowledge. Also, check out www.saltforkcraftsmen.org this is the Oklahoma group (I'm a member) and you can attend a bs meeting nearly every weekend of the month, that is if you don't mind driving a little.:) If you ever get over in the Longview area give me a call, would be glad to meet you and share a fire in the forge. BTW, where did you take you bs class? Enjoy!

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I appreciate the welcome from all.

Thomas, I took my first class from a fellow named Chuck Stone who is part of the North Texas group. I want to get my forge built and do some work on my own before I go back to take Chuck's 3 day advanced class.

Great! Chuck is a great smith and even a better man. Ya done good by learning from him. Join the group, you'll be glad you did. I would also encourage you to attend some of the Saltfork meetings, would be well worth you trip. Also, if you can get down to Marble Falls to their meeting next week. Enjoy your new addiction!:)
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Were we separated at birth? :lol: Looks like we have some parallels here. Back in CA I used to hit the auto swapmeet circuit all the time, and have tons of car parts too. The wagons got pretty fancy there in a couple of years with everyone trying to out do the other guy B) Drove Dads's 66GMC which came with just about every option offered, still in the family-for now.

A suggestion for your truck spare, put a cover on it. I know here in S.NV a tire stored that way will sun rot fairly fast.

Oh yeah, welcome.

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