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what blade finishes tend to be least resistant to corrosion?

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For non-stainless steel, a high-polish finish seem to be fairly rust & corrosion resistant (they still need proper care for long-term storage, of course).

However, do the less polished finishes mean more trouble for long-term storage?
If I only wire-brush 5160 steel, for example (rather than take it to mirror finish as I usually do), am I asking for trouble with corrosion over time?

Thanks for any !

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I think there is no simple answer to your question. The textured surface of a brushed finish has more surface area which could make it more susceptible to rusting... on the other hand, it will also absorb/retain oils and waxes much better than a polished surface... making it less susceptible to rusting. Without oil or wax/oil treatment the brushed surfaces are also better at absorbing/retaining MOISTURE, which will certainly mean more rusting. Personally I prefer the less polished surfaces and even like to have some scale finish wherever it will not interfere with the blades functioning. My preference is mostly art inspired though, not strictly practical. Sanded off rust that has been oiled makes a pretty practical finish too (this can be a good fallback finish system).

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I'd think about the finishes used on old plain high carbon steel kitchen knives---they probably have the hardest "use-life" of any knife we commonly come into contact with---high acid, high salt, detergents to remove coatings etc.

All the ones I have seen that were my great grand parents' knives used a smooth surface.

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