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I Forge Iron

Watching my heat.

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I have a large hand cranked forge in which I've just started working metal. My problem is that when I have a piece of metal in the forge I can watch the color range and it takes a normal time to heat up.,, but , I see it go from deep red to light red at normal speed. Then within a space of 10 seconds it will jump to yellow and either burn up or when I pick up the piece it falls in half. To make note I turn at a medium speed, and the metal I have used that this happens with are : 1" rebar,, , , .5" cold roll,, , , 1"x2" key stock. Normal coal from local bks store.

I've had a few forges in the past but, never had metal heat up this fast.

Thanks in advance.

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If you are forging in the daylight and or in the sun, the colors you see will not look as bright as they really are because of light..try it sometimes after dark if neighbors are close just do not hit it.....lol If the light is the problem pull from fire at a dull red heat and see how it moves under the hammer......

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