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I'd like comments on the condition of this anvil please

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I am interested in purchasing an anvil that is in better condition than the one I currently use. This one certainly meets that criteria based on the edges and the fact that it still has the back end on it heheh, but with the paint job, I can't tell how pitted the face may be. I asked the fellow why it was painted and he stated the anvil was exposed to elements due to Hurricane Katrina. He sandblasted it and painted it. Any experienced eyes that could comment on potential problems with this anvil? I like the lack of ring to a Fisher, so when I do buy another, I want it to be a fisher. From the pictures it appears to be made in 1942.


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beware of anvils with painted faces they may be hiding something. That being said it actually looks like a good anvil. Fischer anvils are not known for cracking across the face. That chip is probably an isolated problem and it is not near the part of the edge that is normally used. I would ask the guy if he could strip the paint off the face and take another photo.

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I had contacted this seller about his listing. Old lady GAVE him this anvil. He listed with a buy it now of $600. Response was I tore down a shed for her as she had no money.
Asked if he was going to split with her. Response was he spent 2 days and fuel. I will not
bid on this item.

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$300 for a 250lb anvil is a deal.... But dont buy it through ebay unless you can refuse it in person (something you would have to work out wit the seller)

I am with everyone else.... Painted anvils are a bad sign... The chip needs closer inspection...

I wouldn't be scared to buy it... But being painted and the funny looking chip I would not buy it by pictures alone.

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