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Friction Folder Osage Handle


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I recently decided to mess with some Osage Orange, so I made a little folder and handled it in Osage. The blade is a fragment of a lawnmower blade, the rest of which is a Bowie knife I made for my Dad.

The pins were supposed to be copper, which is what I usually pin handles with except this time the wire I grabbed had some nickel in it. The axle pin is steel.

The only thing I was not happy about was the handle split just a hair, but apparently it didn't lose a lot of strength.

And here are the pictures!

post-4389-12681885055526_thumb.jpg post-4389-12681886441258_thumb.jpg post-4389-12681887094313_thumb.jpg post-4389-12681887640979_thumb.jpg post-4389-12681888112418_thumb.jpg post-4389-12681888675052_thumb.jpg
post-4389-12681889332049_thumb.jpg post-4389-12681889969466_thumb.jpg post-4389-12681890874271_thumb.jpg

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I haven't been on here recently.. But thanks for the comments everyone. Thomas: I usually am pretty good about not splitting the woods I use but Osage is new to me as a handle material.. I don't think I actually noticed that knot! As for re-handling the blade, my heat treat had some inconsistencies and after I used the knife a while I was dissatisfied with it (I think I end up that way with all my own knives).

Anyway I've moved on to several blades since, right now I am working on a camp knife for a civil war artifact hunter.

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