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  1. Hey im gonna be going to work in North Dakota in oil fields ill be living in the williston area any smithies up in that area?
  2. Angus


    Hey everyone im gonna be moving to the oregon coast (Newport) and was wongering if there were any other smithies out there
  3. You could try unwinding it and wire brushing it really good wd40 it wind it back together.
  4. I like it to a lot but sometimes they can over exagerate on things like the handforged chandelieres that was put together from pre made parts. I saw that and was like ya ok next channel
  5. Hey thanks for the tip matt ill try that I definetly buffed to aggresivly.
  6. Nice job I like the color of the handle.
  7. So I got some acid heated up real good by heating up a pot full of water then putting the acid in its container in the water just letting it det now for a bit hopefully it works better.
  8. I used the red polish stick on a buffing wheel
  9. Im using that motherbourd etching acid you buy at radio shack I also thought about trying vinager limon and salt method to see how that works.
  10. I just use a old punch or chisel for my mark and use a file to shape it to my makers mark.
  11. Made a pretty heavy duty cable spear and put in a acid solution for about a half hour and brought it out cleaned it all up and then tried putting a polish to it and all the damascus when away should I soke it a bit longer an hour or more I would heat the acid up but no way to do that yet. Thanks for your help guys....
  12. That Is amazing well done, I need to learn how to do that big cudos for the girly friend.
  13. Well you dont want to use old old rusty stuff if one can use newer stuff that has little rust that would be good. I start by cutting me a piece of good logging cable in about a 3 foot piece and heating it in the middle get a good heat on it then bend it in half. Heat it up some more and twist it up really tight then I heat in middle and repeat, you dont have to do this folding if your wanting to make smaller stuff, but in my case when I was making this spear i folded it one more time twisting it after every fold. Then weld it all together and make a bar of the whole stuf and there you are
  14. Hey Its good to know theres another iron monkey in washington. I live in spokane If ya need any hints or tips just give me a holler.
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