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rust- powder flux


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my mentor told me i need rust-powder mixed in with my flux to make sure there are no leech lines (those white lines along alot of forgewelds). so i went to my auto shop teacher and asked if i could clean out metal powder buildup from the brake rotor/drum cutting machine. can i just use this as is, or do i need to let it turn into rust powder?

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I think someone is blowing smoke up your ash-dump. Many recipes for flux do call for scale and some call for "iron" borings. Rust or scale shouldn't matter, they are the same at high temperature. Many do confuse "iron" and "cast iron". The old recipes were pretty clear on "iron" not cast iron. Brake drum turnings are cast iron or various modern cast alloys plus a bunch of powdered brake shoes and pads, none of which probably help welding.

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